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Funtown Pier

Funtown Pier has an incredible ocean view backdrop with beautiful beaches for the whole family to enjoy.Funtown Pier has great adult rides, family rides galore and plenty of great rides for the kids.

When you visit Funtown Pier don't forget to join in the fun with Funtown Pier famous Go-Carts. Feel the thrill of racing on the Ocean's Edge.For all you thrill seekers take an explosive ride on the Tower of Fear. This 225ft giant ride will power you to new heights of thrills!

Roller Coaster fans, come ride Funtown Piers looping coaster while watching the ocean waves break right under you.

Funtown Pier Rides

Come walk the Funtown Pier beautiful boardwalk and try your luck at any of the Funtown Pier amusment games and enjoy all the incredible food available.

Funtown Pier Attractions: